From processing such as lathe machining and cutting, to selling, please consult anything about plastics to Technoplast(Thailand)

Thoughtful manufacturing
We are engaged in plastic cutting work at our own plant including plastic machining and excel in manufacturing of high-precision products and high-mix low-volume products. We have our head office in Nagoya, and founded a plant in Thailand as the first step in expanding overseas. We realize our customers' needs through our speedy production system for the Asian markets including Thailand and by competitive cost performance. You can rely on us for any plastic products. Technoplast is committed to manufacturing products that meet the customers' requirements, with our "strong passion" for manufacturing.
Turn your idea into "plus" tic
Technoplast undertakes a variety of plastics processing, including plate cutting, lathe-processing, bending and welding, and produces any kind of shapes such as, small-diameter round bars, carved or printed items, molded items. Not only manufacturing, we also sell cut plastic materials. In addition to plastic products, we also offer inspection jigs.
Our Products
Challenging the limits of plastic processing with our state-of-the-art machines
We can meet your demand flexibly for tiny parts that can be put on the finger through to complex-shaped precision parts, and for the production of one prototype through to mass production. We have experience that can fulfill all your demands for plastic processing here in Thailand. We provide high-value-added products through the network of the manufacturing process with our state-of-the-art equipment and excellent staff, while pursuing new possibilities.
Facilities and Processing Technology
Our main clients
Nidec-Read (Thailand) Co., Ltd. SumiRiko Eastern Rubber (Thailand), Ltd.
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